What is a ball valve?

What is a ball valve?

Ball valves are used in almost all industrial processes, including water and wastewater treatment, mining, power generation, oil, gas and petroleum processing, food production, manufacturing. chemicals and plastics and many other fields. 

Ball valve is composed of a ball with a hole and rotates to control the flow through it. Ball valves are often used in factories with ball valves, crank ball valves, pneumatic ball valves or electrically controlled ball valves.

Structure of ball valve

The internal structure of the ball valve consists of a ball with a hole for the passage of the medium. The ball is held tightly between two sealing rings (seat). The lever / handwheel is installed at the top of the valve seat. When turning the lever / handwheel at a 90 degree angle, the valve will be in the closed position or the open position. Therefore, ball valves are also quick-open type. Because of their shape, ball valves are slippery and easier to operate than plug valves. So reducing friction between the ball and the sealing rings during operation therefore they do not require lubrication. The lever of the ball valve is similar to the stopper valve which will lie parallel to the flow when the valve is in the open position. When the handle is perpendicular to the pipe, it is in the closed position. This makes it easy to locate the operating status of the valve.

Materials of ball valve construction

The valve body can have many types of materials, one of which is:


Stainless steel

Brass (brass)



Titanium (titanium)




And many more ...

There are many types of materials for the production of SEAT valves (ball bearings and valve body). Each material has its own application and is suitable for chemical compatibility, pressure and temperature. Some frequently used materials are:




Reinforced Teflon (RTFE)






Virgin Teflon (TFE)

UHMW Polyethylene (UHMWPE)



Types of ball valves

Ball valves are divided into several categories based on the valve's structure, or on manual or electrical operation (actuators).


A / Based on the valve body structure


There are 5 common types of ball valves: single body, three-piece body, split body, top entry, and welded. The difference is based on how the parts of the valve - especially the ball bearing housing - are manufactured and assembled. The valve operation is the same in each case.


Full port.

Reduced port or reduced bore.

V port.

Cavity filler.



B / Based on the transmission


Pneumatic ball valve: Part of the ball valve comes with a compression action that helps the valve change its state from closed to open and vice versa.

Electrically controlled ball valve: The accompanying ball valve is an electric actuator that helps the valve change its state from closed to open and vice versa.

Reference: learn electric ball valve


Principle of operation of the ball valve

To learn more about how ball valves work, please watch the video below:


Pros and Cons of Ball Valves



Ball valve is durable, works well after many cycles, and reliably, opens / closes easily, safely even after long periods of non use. It is these factors that make them a preferred choice for open / close and control applications where they are often preferred for use over globe valves or swing valves. However, ball valves lack good control in flow control applications. Together with its simple construction, flexible operation and repair, ball valves are widely used in industry, supporting pressure up to 1000 bar and temperature up to 752 ° F (400 ° C). Ball valve sizes usually range from DN8 to DN2000 ..




Although ball valves are used in many places to replace globe and gate valves, ball valves do not regulate the desired flow as a damper.

The ball valve is a series of quick opening / closing valves, so the friction pressure between the ball body and sealing gasket is enormous. Therefore, these parts are often prone to damage during use.

Ball valves cannot be used in dirty or thick environments. In the case of thick media, you can switch to a gate or butterfly valve.

Famous Brand Ball Valves In The Market

Like other industrial valves, ball valves are also manufactured in many countries around the world. There are countries with the world's leading developed industries such as Germany, USA and Japan. Or if the product is just fine, and the desire is cheap, you can choose from Taiwan, China ...


Currently, in the industrial valve market in Vietnam. You can select brands of industrial ball valves such as:


KSB Armaturen / Germany.

Metso / Germany.

Zetkama / Poland.

JOEUN / Korea.

TUNGLUNG / Taiwan.

NVS / Taiwan.

Rizzio/Italy brand

Chinese brands.

With the brand of ball valves, there are different strengths and weaknesses. Please consider carefully before choosing to buy! 

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An Impartial View of Valves for Swimming Pools

An Impartial View of Valves for swimming Pools

The spring check valve can be found in an opaque or crystal clear housing. It is available in various spring tensions so a user can adjust the flow needed to open the valve. It utilizes one of a kind in-line plunger to influence a smooth and successful outline.

Check the company's installation guide if you are in need of a valve for vertical installation. Check valves are usually installed horizontally, and a few can be set up vertically. Ball valves for swimming pools utilize an on and off application which makes them an easy mechanism for maintaining good water flow. Eventually, you are going to want to replace the gasket, or the full valve (a simpler job).

Butterfly valves utilize a spinning paddle plate to correct water flow. Like all valves, they need to be operated periodically to ensure reliability. Since they are used in many applications, there are different requirements for maintenance on the type of media in the system, and the different ways the valve can be affected by the fluids passing through it.

Jandy valves and Push-Pull Valves ought to be lubed each year. No other valves ought to be open. These non-return valves are simple to install to any current pipework. As a consequence, it's tough to check such relief valves.

For the majority of our clients, a pool is somewhere to relax. It should not be refilled with water until this is done. Concrete pools and gunite pools are a few of the most frequent kinds of in-ground swimming pools in America.

Your pool may have a spa, known as a pool-spa combo'' so there'll be an extra valve for the spa primary deplete. These pools are commonly made in a more conservative size, which implies you can swell it effortlessly with a normal hand pump. For the work required with diving a major opening in your garden and after that filling it in with the suitable materials and gear, an in-ground pool is an exorbitant prospect.

A pool may be an excellent luxury, but in addition, it will come with its share of expenses. Concrete pools are poured on the website into wooden forms, a procedure that may be labor-intensive. When you're installing a costly pool, or are accountable for maintaining one, place your trust in PVC.

Swimming pools are a pleasant and loosening up extravagance for your living arrangement. They can be a brilliant expansion to the home, and they can possibly give interminably enjoyable to children and grown-ups alike. So far as their quality, you need to choose those swimming pools, which are produced using the most astounding quality textures, for example, PVC and canvas for instance.

Many homeowners wish to know precisely what it will cost to repair a pool, but the precise amount can differ on a number of factors that range from the sort of pool, its size, and the seriousness of the problem that must be fixed. A seasoned pool maintenance contractor ought to be consulted before emptying an in-ground pool. Valve manufacturers aren't very inventive when it must do with names, but they're crafty with regard to design. Our pool kits and pool plans are going to have you swimming in an excellent pool at the most economical price possible.

Details of An Introduction to the Development of Valves

Details of An Introduction to the Development of Valves

The various forms of valves reach the many different requirements. The valves absorb wind that's required to power the vehicle. To be able to regulate or stop the flow with a fitting, an individual valve must be used. Valves, as a considerable mechanical part, play a crucial role both in industrial procedure and everyday life. Broadly speaking, the valves settled in the household appear to be easy and easy controlled. The sample solution doesn't pass through peristaltic pump tubing ahead of the valve. Click here to know more details about An Introduction to the Development of Valves.

The nutrient solution is kept in a reservoir that could be found under the grow table. Folks attempt to regulate the stream of water in rivers or streams by utilizing huge rocks or tree trunks to block the circulation of water or change water flow direction then. It's important to get enough air velocity in the vacuum system to work. Evidently, it will occasionally be essential to report the identical measurement in two log books. A qualitative analysis forms a sizeable part of the research efforts as well. Flow Injection Analysis is regarded as an acceptable alternative to equivalent segmented flow procedures. The industry attractiveness analysis explains the level of competition on the market in various regions.

As the principal job of the gearbox is to convert engine speed to torque in order to push the vehicle forward, it's indispensable for your vehicle. Also, it's an effort at attempting to mimic the manner music of different genres, aside from jazz, are being presented to their listeners. Significant strategy and action must conserve the briefcase from opposing party. It's certain that the maturation of control valves is closely linked to the industrial practice. The manufacturing and sales have gained rapid growth, and it's predicted it will keep more than 15% growth within the next few decades. The functioning of the diversified marketing and advertising strategy would be a good pick.

In 1925 a company named Adi Dassler now referred to as Adidas produced a selection of shoes with hand-forged spikes. The automotive industry has ever been a venue for the usage of ceramics. Examine the profile of the students that are selected in automation industries and attempt to be aware of their training centers so that you are able to join there and have a scope for career development. If you believe it like a whole valves world just in industry and household, you're incorrect. Maybe it'll be helpful in your upcoming life. As the entire society keeps a fast pace, it is essential to grasp the advanced technologies and employ them into practice. Otherwise, the entire industry, even the entire society wouldn't progress.

The website and size of the incision are just one of the things that have improved greatly over time, and the debut of saline implants means that in some instances the scars are bare, if at all visible. The majority of the info double block and bleed about the business is marketing hype and unsupported statements. It is crucial to note, however, that the info contained here still can't be deemed as an exhaustive collection of all eventualities nor as any type of formal or informal expert advice. Detailed information concerning the important parts of the current market and their growth prospects are offered in the report. There's even a comprehensive Soldier's Medal list so you may see who has one.

In the long run, it is all dependent on the application that calls for the pressure vessel. Thus, the application of gears is diverse, and we can't offer a particular list. There's no app to evaluate.


Valves Unlimited Features

Valves Unlimited Features

If you don't have any form of shelving under your present sink, that is simply open, unused space. It's important to keep in mind, however, that a well-designed bathroom is one which promotes user safety. The furniture and fittings in offices want to arranged in view of space while, thinking about the comfort of the employees. Perhaps you want more storage so cabinets and drawers underneath it could be perfect. You're able to get shelves that let you to stack items.

In the event the diaphragm does move then you might have clogged ports in your intake and can want to have the intake cleaned. You should have the ability to find the diaphragm within the valve move as you're applying vacuum. The segmented valves The Segmented Ball Valve is another kind of valve that is generally utilized in industries with the principal goal of controlling the flow. Never use foot valve in the event that you don't shield siphon from solidifying. There is going to be a little hose attached, that you'll need to disconnect and install your pump onto an identical port. If you believe you get a terrible valve then you ought to take it off the engine and test it with the exact same vacuum pump. Following that, you must discover the valve of the line of cold H20.

The Bosch water heater is just one of the most well-known brands. Locating a superior water heater is dependent upon the heater's capacity to present the hot water on demand. As soon as you have finished uninstalling your previous water heater, it is possible to finally put in a new one. During the time you are removing your previous water heater, you have to do it carefully to prevent any accidents because heater replacement is quite complicated. Possessing an installed water heater in your house enables you to live comfortably and conveniently.

It's possible to customize your drawer configuration in a couple of minutes! All the vital components together with the fittings are contained in them to earn a ready to install package. With the access to competitive internet packages with abundant gigabytes or even terabytes, you don't have to be worried about the single units. Spend some time considering the characteristics you want the bathroom sink units to provide you. You can decide to install bathroom sink units double block and bleed by yourself or to employ a contractor to achieve that. VOIP systems connect the call over the web, and the services are delivered via the net. Social networking platforms like Instagram and Pinterest will also provide you with good insights into the newest trends in bridal lehengas.

The very first elements of inspection is going to be to look at the use of the EGR Valve by pulling a vacuum on it using a vacuum pump. Inspections will be run at the conclusion of the day's event. Whether the requirement is a new system or upgrading an older one, it is crucial to know the system components before settling on who to converse with and what equipment is required for a specific application. The cost doesn't vary with the quantity of calls either. Or your car might refuse to start a single day. Usually, the previous cars encounter several and severe difficulties. So, it's not long before you take the exact car to an authorized inspection station for more repairing.

The services are imparted utilizing the newest machinery to offer maximum efficiency. From anywhere on earth with good online access, you can utilize VOIP service without an issue. The internet in late times has also grown to be a more sales centric sector.


DBB vs. DIB valves

DBB vs. DIB valves

Double block and bleed functionality has been accessible in ball valves essentially since the advancement of the trunnion-mounted ball control device generally used today.  The phrase DBB has been in used to explain that the general work for ball valves and gate control devices for a quite a long time. DBB has historically favored to the capability of a control device to isolate force at each inlet and to vent the cavity between the seats. Venting the cavity between the seats permits the user to detect any leakage past the seats without get rid of the valve from the piping.

Double isolation and bleed offers double isolation barriers from the force source with a bleed cavity between the hurdles.  This misuse of the phrase has led to confusion. ISO 1313/ API 6D contains definitions of DBB valves as well DIB valves, making the difference between the 2 kinds extremely distinct. End users and producers must be right when explaining valve functionality in order for the resulting structure to do as guessed. Use of the terms only a defined above will clarify the understanding of needs and control device capabilities. While DBB are well matched for most ball control device applications, there are lots of applications where double isolation and bleed valves would be an amazing fit. The industries using ball control device for isolation have many applications that need a second force barrier that seals freely of the initial force barrier. The need is generally either due to operational safety needs, or the nature of the service (low tolerance for this link leakage, gas service, cleanliness of the produced fluid, etc). DIB control devices are particularly matched for these applications. DIB can be achieved in a one direction or in both ways by picking the right seat design.

DBB Vs DIB valves

DBB valves generally have in 2 unidirectional seats.  The unidirectional seats, when thrilled, isolate the force in the piping from the cavity of body between the seats. If force is overturned, the seats are advised away from the ball and permit force to ease from the cavity of body to the piping.  This is a best work, mainly in fluid service. In the case where the control device cavity body  is packed with fluid and warmed due to process external or flow sources, force can build due to thermal expansion of the fluid in the body cavity. Without the self-relieving unidirectional seats, this could cause to over-force in the control device body resulting in rapture or leakage.

DIB valves contain 1 or 2 bidirectional seats. When 2 bidirectional seats are used, the control device provides double isolation from force at either end of the control device. This configuration has single operational drawback. It cannot relieve body cavity force past the seats. An external relief piping structure must be used to permit any force build-up in the body cavity to relieve to the upstream piping. When single bidirectional seat and single unidirectional seat are used combine the control device double isolation in one way only. This configuration retains the capability to relieve the body cavity  force without any external apparatus.